Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 2 of Training

I know i know i am late with my post, but i have a good reason....uhhh, i really don't lol. I've been training with my personal trainer and I must say that this second week is most definitely harder than the first, but she warn me before hand telling me that it was going to get more intense as the weeks go on...sigh, she wasn't lying. The workouts are more strenuous but they are definitely worth it in the end, I feel everything during and after but because I workout at nights i don't get that great feeling until the next morning, i have more energy to go about my day as well as concentrate on my little girl because the bigger she gets the more active she is and the harder it is to keep up with her, which is one of the main reasons i began my journey again, i want to be able to keep up with my daughter as she grows and runs around the place, i don't want to be losing my breath while playing games with her, feel me.

So back to my trainer...she wants me to keep a journal where i write all of my meals down but i use MyFitnessPal for that and she also wants me to write how i'm feeling after our workouts which is challenging for me to do because sometimes i just honestly forget, so i figured my weekly blog post will accomplish that and i will just sum my week up here and just email it to her.

My eating isn't going as well as i would like, i am doing better but i find myself messing up here and there craving sweets, rice and bread...especially when T.O.M was in town the past few days. But i went grocery shopping with my mother this morning, which made me late for class so i  decided not to go and that is why i am able to write this post now (I hope I don't fail my class though :-\ ). So like i was saying, i went to the grocery store, picked up some fruits, my salads, some healthy snacks, and i plan on going to Target after my last class to pick up some more things so that i won't crave craziness while home.

So that's pretty much all i have to say for now
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