Sunday, November 9, 2014

I got me a personal trainer!

So as the title states...I got myself a personal trainer. We did an assessment on Saturday to see what I can do, that was truly the hardest workout that I have ever experienced in my life. My thighs were so sore afterwards but I felt really good....BUT, that following morning when I was getting out of bed I was so sore, like I mean painfully sore. My boyfriend encouraged me by telling me that that's how I know I worked my ass off the night before...I really did though.

So my trainer and I worked out a schedule where we workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday,  I just really hope that I can handle three days. My mind is telling me I'll be fine because I'm not doing back to back days. We will see though. My boyfriend and I also workout using the wii where we play tennis, bowling and baseball which is a good workout as well. I hope to continue that two to three days out the week when I don't have training.

Anywho...I just wanted to share this little info with you all and I will definitely be keeping you posted as time passes.

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