Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey everyone!
I'm definitely trying to remember if i wrote an update for you all last week, i should have checked before i began this post...oh yah'll doin? I'm in much better spirits from the past week or so because i have finally begun to see a SLIGHT difference when i look in the mirror when i have on certain outfits and i also feel a SLIGHT difference in some of my jeans...girl they still tight but some just don't feel as tight lol.

So I'm still working out with my personal trainer three times a week (no i haven't quit yet), AND I've been doing some workouts on my own as well other than the Wii with my boyfriend. I have incorporated cardio. I decided that I knew what worked for me before when I lost weight so i figured that i could just begin to do that again in-conjunction with my trainer workouts
and i think it's been paying off.

Now my eating you ask, still isn't the best but i am definitely still trying to do day at a time.

So my weigh in is on Saturday the 20th so i will be back to update you all on my progress then.

See you next week! *waves*

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lifestyle Change Update

Hey guys, I don't remember if I mentioned this in my last post but I am getting so discouraged. Now here's the thing, working with my personal trainer I am NOT supposed to weigh myself she does it once a month, and I have to use everything in me not to get on the scale. My boyfriend even went as far as taking the batteries out for me so that I wouldn't be tempted. So, I've been relying on the way that my clothes are fitting, which is the way my personal trainer suggested that I would see the change but I'm not seeing any changes in the way my clothes are fitting me so I am definitely getting discouraged. I keep wondering amI losing any weight? Have I gained more weight? Is it muscle that I've gained why I see no difference? What the hell is it?

Everyone keeps telling me "oh it's the muscle that you're gaining" but for some reason I don't believe that, I need to see or feel like I've lost something. I've been working so damn hard with my eating even though I mess up here and there and I've been going in on my workouts with my personal trainer and sometimes I even workout at home with my boyfriend. I've done this before by myself and I've seen differences in how my clothes fit and also on the scale. So, I'm going to stick in there until the 13th when I weigh myself with my trainer and hopefully the scale tells me something that I want to hear if not I'm going to go back to do what was working for me before.

Now I know you're probably saying Marsha don't give up, but I don't look at it as giving up I am still going to be on my lifestyle change because I need to, I need to be healthy for my self and for my family so I'm not giving up but I also don't want to waste my time or money with a personal trainer where I'm not seeing results when I can see results doing it on my own like I've done before.

So as you can see this entry is slightly  different from the last few I don't really have an update about my workout, I still feel great afterwards and sore the next day but right now its just my mental that needs some working out.