Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"I Love Your Confidence"

"I love your confidence"...that comment bothers the hell out of me. I hate when I get dressed and go out or take a picture and post it on Instagram or Facebook and someone comments saying "I love your confidence". I know to some that comment is seen as a compliment but to me it seems as a put down. I'm tempted to ask these individuals like do you look at an "average" size person and make that comment...NO! But, you're going to come at me with it because I am big? I get dressed and put on what I like just the same as the other person but because I am big it takes courage to wear what you like and feel comfortable in?

I know some people may believe that I am blowing this out of proportion and reading too much into it but I disagree. I hate comments like that, I feel that it's the same as looking at me and saying "you're pretty for a big girl" or "you're pretty for a dark skin girl" or "you have such a pretty face"...what kind of back handed compliments are those?

My opinion

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Mommy

Hey there everyone I know that it has been ages since I wrote my last post about being pregnant and how it really isn't for me. Now I have had my little girl and she is 7 weeks old and I love her to pieces. I did not think that it was even possible to love someone this much.

Now my labor/delivery was the worst experience ever. I've never been through so much pain in my entire life and to be completely honest I will not be having any more children because I can not imagine going through all that pain again or the recovery process of a c-section. Everyone tells me that I'm just saying that now...but I'm not just saying it...I really do mean it.

Well I just wanted to come and briefly update you all and I hope to be writing more soon.
Until then...

Enjoy your day!