Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey everyone!
I'm definitely trying to remember if i wrote an update for you all last week, i should have checked before i began this post...oh yah'll doin? I'm in much better spirits from the past week or so because i have finally begun to see a SLIGHT difference when i look in the mirror when i have on certain outfits and i also feel a SLIGHT difference in some of my jeans...girl they still tight but some just don't feel as tight lol.

So I'm still working out with my personal trainer three times a week (no i haven't quit yet), AND I've been doing some workouts on my own as well other than the Wii with my boyfriend. I have incorporated cardio. I decided that I knew what worked for me before when I lost weight so i figured that i could just begin to do that again in-conjunction with my trainer workouts
and i think it's been paying off.

Now my eating you ask, still isn't the best but i am definitely still trying to do day at a time.

So my weigh in is on Saturday the 20th so i will be back to update you all on my progress then.

See you next week! *waves*

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