Sunday, February 9, 2014

Plus Size & Pregnant: Pregnancy is NOT for me

I am more than half way through my third trimester,  I knew that because I had it pretty easy my first and second trimester that the third was going to kick my ass...and I was right.

Through my third trimester thus far I have had my blood pressure sky rocket which my blood pressure is usually normal, I had to do a 24 hour urine test because of my blood pressure to check for preeclampsia (protein in urine). The protein level needed to be under 300 but it was at 316 so the doctor had me admitted to the hospital for 5 flipping days (mind you I've never been admitted to an hospital a day in my life so I was terrified). They has my hooked up to an IV that pumped me with magnesium,  they gave me steriods shots to help the baby's lungs mature faster in case of preterm labor and I got a total of 19 needles. So you van only imangine how I was feeling.

From setting foot in the hospital my blood pressure was normal but i had to stay because it was the doctor's orders. When it was time to finally go home I wanted to do cartwheels out that hospital.

Since being out of the hospital I had to get a blood pressure monitor to take my pressure twice a day (thank God my mom is a nurse and had one readily available), I was and still am extremely weak, I lose my breath at times which is pretty damn scary and I just overall do not feel like myself. I just want this pregnancy to be over and my baby be safe and healthy.

P.S. - I got admitted to the hospital at the beginning of my 32nd week, I'm 33 weeks now and the doctors are hoping that I can keep the baby in until at least 35 weeks.

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