Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diet Talk: GNC Total Lean Shakes & Smoothie/Shake Recipes Under 200 Calories

So I love making smoothies and using them as meal replacements, especially when I am on the go. I would make them the night before and pop them in my freezer if I know I'm not going to have time the following day and grab them on my way out the door. They are also really great as a pre-workout meal.

So I decided that I had to share the recipe with you all. I hope you try them.

Definitely let me know how they come out and if you tweaked them at all so maybe I can give it a shot.

-1/4 cup of each fruit (2 pieces)
(pineapple, peaches, mango, strawberries)
-1/2 small banana
-1 tbsp. oats
-3/4 cup Tropicana 50 Orange Juice
-1/2 tbsp. honey
-1/3 cup of spinach

Calories = 200....(182 if you minus the oats)      
Fat = 0g
Carbs = 39.8g                                             Fiber = 2g
Protein = 2g                                               Sugar = 40g

-8 pieces of fruit
and the rest of the recipe stays the same

Calories = 181...(162 if you minus the oats)   
Fat = 0
Carbs = 22g       Fiber = 2g
Sugar = 27g       Protein = 3g

VANILLA PROTEIN SMOOTHIE (9-10 ounces) (Use Blender)
-1/2 cup of vanilla Almond milk
-1/2 cup of water
-1/2 medium banana
-Dash of cinnamon
-1 scoop of GNC vanilla protein powder
-Ice (5-8 cubes)
-2 stevia or 2 equal

Calories = 138         Fat = 3g
Carbs = 16g            Sugar = 8.2g
Fiber = 2.5g            Protein = 13.5g

And if I decide that I don't feel like going through it and making my own, I turn to my good ole GNC Total Lean, Lean Shakes which come in three different flavors (Strawberry Cream, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate). It retails for $9.99 per 4 bottle case, but if you become a gold card member (free) then you get 20% every month for the first 7 days of each month bringing it down to $7.99 per case. They also come in a case of 12.

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