Friday, August 24, 2012

My Jamaica Trip: Robbed at Gun Point

Yes everyone you read the title correctly.
While I was in Jamaica visiting my family I was robbed. I remember the day as if it happened a few hours ago.
It was July 27th a little after 3 in the afternon. Me and my cousins and bro decided to go to the beach not too far from our house and when we were leaving a guy ran up on me, my brother and my cousin as we were washing sand off of our feet to head in the car. He had the damn gun pointed at me the whole damn time because I was the one with the jewelry on. I always wear a gold necklace that i recieved from my mom when I was little, my earrings, a ring, and two bracelets ALL THE's a norm for me, I surely regretted that day though after having a gun aimed at me and my necklace snatched.
The person or shall I say people (yes it was planned) were caught within a few hours thouugh but this was definitely a lesson learned, take my jewelry off when going to the beach in the West Indies.

This does not turn me away from my country though, it's my place of birth and my family is there. I just think of it as it could of happened absolutely anywhere.

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  1. Wow thats crazy. my parents are from there and i never been there yet but after reading this i dont know! im nervous to go anywhere foreign because of the different system plus i see alot of documentaries on other country and shit always seems to go wrong lol!