Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's Make Kony Famous.

Watch "KONY 2012" on YouTube

My heart broke and my soul cried when watching this video. To know that something of this magnitude was taking place and so many people including myself wasn't aware of. Joseph Kony needs to caught and these children need to be saved.

It's beyond my comprehension how someone could gain so much power being only one person.

It's beyond my comprehension how someone could be so wicked to cause crimes using children to kill others, he turns little boys into soldiers to murder and little girls into sex slaves.

I'm upset that this has been going on for so many years (over 20) and America has recently (a few years ago) decided to aide in capturing this sick bastard. America is one of the most powerful countries, if not the most powerfully and I think that if the government was doing something about it from when they first hear about Joseph Kony he might have been stopped a long time ago...but they had the mentality of "not affecting our country, then its not our problem". But like I said the decided to do something after years of knowing and sent some soilders to Uganda, but if they feel like we're letting up or Kony is too dificult to find the government is going to bring the soldiers home.

This is the year to make a difference and capture Joseph Kony. So let's make the bastard famous!


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